Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Micropainter Monsters - 1985 and 1986

These are two of the earliest examples of computer art I did - way back in 1985 and 1986 on an Atari 800, maxed out at 48k!! I did these in a program called Micropainter, where you could draw in 21 (!) high resolution colors! You could draw on the screen using your computer keys in a sort of etch-a-sketch way, but the best way was to just use your joystick. That's how these were done. Over on
The Collection blog, you can see pics of the Micropainter box and contents, which I still have. Unfortunately, I don't have the actual program anymore. Not that I've got my Atari 800 to use it on! (or would want to!). The screen versions of these were in color, but I guess I only had a black and white printer at the time. The monster is an original, but the guy that looks like Warlock from the X-Men was a copy of an ad I saw in a computer magazine.