Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Flaming Youth

This is one of the oldest drawings of mine I have. It's a swipe of the cover for Ghost Rider #16, which came out in late 1975 (but dated Feb. 76), so I must have had it sitting around for awhile before I decided to copy it, sometime in 1977. I was either nine or ten when I did this. I changed Ghost Rider from being attacked by a shark to him freefalling! Notice the MARVL COMICS GROUP misspelling, along with at least one more. ('I doomed..").

Hey, nice hands, at least!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Earliest Art

These drawings are from a First Grade school notebook that my grandmother held onto. It was always in one of the two bottom drawers of a table in her TV room. As she lived upstairs from me, I'd see it every now and then and eventually appropriated it back. I've had it now for at least the last twenty years. The scrawlings here are the earliest drawings I have of mine, aside from one other drawing, found in my grandmothers 1972 Toyota Celica, of all places. It was of some kind of hatchet wielding guy, very scratchy, on a post it note. I believe it pre-dates these drawings by a bit. Unfortuantely, I wasn't able to locate it on a recent rifling thru of a few boxes of art, but I do think I have it...somewhere.

In June 1974, when these drawings were done, I was just 3 months shy of my seventh birthday. Soon afterwards, my family left for Japan and the sketchbook came along, as evidenced by some writings and drawings from my sister of a Manga styled girl and lyrics and other references to our life in Japan. Towards the back are even later drawings, from around 1978/9.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Welcome to yet another new blog, this one focused on drawings I did when I was a kid, from the very earliest scrawlings I've been able to dig up (thanks in part to my Grandmother hanging onto some of them) to stuff I did in High School...we'll see how far I go with this. It's just a fun thing to look back at those long ago scribblings and sketches. Hopefully you'll find some amusement and enjoyment in looking at these forgotten drawings.